Brian May claims that Queen had plans to bring back Freddie Mercury long before Tupac Shakur became a hologram and viral sensation at Coachella.  Tonight it will happen at the 10th anniversary of the musical "We Will Rock You."

"People will come out saying, 'Did we actually see Freddie?'” May told the BBC. The effect used to recreate the front-man isn't necessarily a hologram,  organizers are calling it more of an optical illusion.

"It's a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we've been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while," May said. "[That technique] is something we've looked at ourselves, but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week, it's not really quite practical."

Hey, Brian...ya snooze, you lose. What can I tell you?

But does anyone else have a problem with artists resurrecting the dead? And if I wanted to see a recording of a live performance, I would go to an Ashley Simpson concert. Well, if it must happen then here are our 5 choices for Queen songs we'd like to hear again.

Bohemian Rhapsody

We Will Rock You

Fat Bottomed Girls

Somebody to Love

The Show Must Go On