Good news: is now new and improved on mobile! Our new mobile site makes it easier to stay connected with Jack 24/7...which sounds a little creepy when you really think about it, but, hey, if you're not worried...

Really, it means you can listen live, get a laugh from our hilarious stories or catch up on the most important music news whenever, wherever.

But that's just one reason to check out our new mobile site. And we know you're a group that needs some convincing, so here are four more.

  • 1

    Instant Gratification

    No downloads, no installation. Just go to on your smartphone and bask in all that is mobile. You'll see our homepage laid out so you can easily find music news, the listen live player, info on upcoming events and lots more.

  • 2

    Your Phone = Your Radio

    RadioPup is no longer the only way to listen on the go. The streaming player on our mobile site gives you instant access to our high-quality (no, we're serious) stream.

  • 3

    Lonely No More

    Mobile reading, watching and commenting is ridiculously convenient and always accessible. You can now check out all of our news, videos and more while sitting in traffic (only if you're the passenger, please), doing yoga (lookin' good!), or, hey, even when you're in the bathroom (just remember to wash your hands...).

  • 4

    What's That Song? Now You'll Know!

    Miss the name of the singer of a tune? Can't figure out that earworm we just played? Go to our mobile site, tap the button on the top left of the screen, and hit "Playlist" to see both our "Recently Played" list and our most-played songs of the month.