Single people are always getting a bad rap, and it's especially worse during the holidays. At one time or another, I'm sure we've all gotten that look of pity from a coworker, a friend, a grandma or a stranger when they find out that you're facing the holiday season without a significant other. Or, the word I prefer: ALONE.

Their look tells you that they assume you're spending the month of December sitting on park benches wistfully watching happy couples in down jackets stroll by sipping peppermint mochas and oozing enough joy to power a snowmobile. They picture you pounding cartons of eggnog alone in your basement with Mariah Carey's Christmas album on loop. They encourage you to text that guy you went out with that one time to see if maybe he'd like to stop over for some Christmas dessert.

However, while it's obviously nice to have someone to take to your work holiday party, being single really isn't as bad as it's made to be. So, before you go judging your single friend or relative, remember the following five reasons for why they might be merrier than you this year:

1. You get to show you how much you really care about you.

That $200 you would spend on a significant other? Yeah, that's for you now. No stressful gift shopping, no endless cologne or perfume sampling, no wondering if your partner is a "watch person," no pretending that the sweater someone bought you is actually something you'll wear in public. This year it's about you.

2. You can get through the mall faster.

Shopping is easier when you just have to worry about you and not some slow-walking, crowd-gazing boyfriend or girlfriend who spend 95 percent of the time complaining that their feet hurt.

3. You can eat 50 sugar cookies a day if you want to.

Being single means that you don't have to squeeze into jeans for, like, an entire week if you don't want to.

4. You don't have to deal with awkward family moments.

You only gave your girlfriend's mom a card but she bought you a gift? Your boyfriend's grandpa is a wet kisser? Guess what? You get to stay at home and watch Netflix for eight hours instead of sitting through two Christmas dinners with lots of fake laughter and itchy sweaters.

5. You could hook up with Santa Claus.

If he was real and you were into jolly men in red suits. I'm just saying that you can go out and have fun wherever and with whoever you want.