A sure way to never get invited back to holiday festivities is buying all the wee ones toys that make noise, make a mess or may maim them. Plus, your annoying gift idea may backfire when you're asked to babysit (trust me, I'm an aunt, and I've learned this lesson the hard way). But, should you decide to purchase one of these toys anyways, don't forget the most important part -- not batteries, but Advil!

Let's Rock Elmo, Target

Anything that is involves a talking Elmo is horrible enough. Now throw some instruments into the mix, and you've got yourself Elmo-geddon. Run. Now.

Bop It! Smash, Toys R' Us

A game that makes noise, has crazy lights and could potentially cause violence -- brilliant idea! The "smash" in the name may be the noise this toy makes as it's flying across the room and through a window.

Screaming Chicken, stupid.com

Just search for YouTube videos of this toy, and you'll know why it's deemed the "most annoying toy in the world." Not just your average rubber chicken!

ZhuZhu Pets, Toys R' Us

This hamster is just the tip of the iceberg in the annoying world that is ZhuZhu Pets. These things may not poop or need to be fed (since they are robotic), but the fact that they "coo and purr" is just downright weird.

Furby, Target

They're baaaaaaaack! There's an all-new Furby for 2012! They claim you'll be "wowed," but all you will really be is totally disturbed to your very core. Furby, Furby, GO AWAY!!!