A somewhat recent video to make its way around the Internet was a marriage proposal from a man who thought it might be funny to fake an imminent plane crash before popping the question. The commercial pilot, Ryan Thompson, told his girlfriend that the plane was experiencing trouble and asked her to read the emergency instruction manual. Long story short, he ended up popping the question just as his fiancée-to-be started to see her life flash before her eyes.

Romantic, eh? The girlfriend wasn't angry at her new fiancé, but I'm not sure he should get off so easy. I mean, he tricked her into thinking she was going to DIE. Why not just stick with her father’s permission and a rose?

Proposals are getting out of control these days, and while some of them end up being incredibly adorable, some are just plain stupid.

So, with that, check out these five proposals we'd say no to.

Does this guy think he’s on Nickelodeon? These two are annoying and deserve each other.

OK, this one is actually kind of cute, but it's a little rude to put that poor girl through several seconds of sheer panic.


This one was a little too realistic to be cute.

(The YouTube user has disabled embedding, so just click that link above to see what we're talking about.)

Dude, if you’re going to propose in public, you've got to be SURE.