It’s that time of year again, time to figure out what to get the man in your life for Christmas. Instead of the usual shirt-tie combo, take a look at these four gadgets that your husband will surely enjoy.

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    iPhone Case and Bottle Opener

    So your husband bought the latest iPhone for himself, snatching away one of your Christmas ideas for him. This gadget by “Be a Headcase” is perfect for him. First, it serves as a bottle or can opener. Your husband will be able to assist vendors at hockey games, bartenders, or anyone who is in need of an open bottle. Already, you’ve made him a more helpful and generous person. Second, this gadget serves as a hard case for the iPhone itself. This will be especially useful for when your husband opens up too many bottles for himself and subsequently begins to frequently drop his phone one night. It’s all you could ever want from a phone case, and for only $17.86 from Amazon, it won’t hurt your wallet either.

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    Texting/Touch Screen Gloves

    This item isn’t exactly a gadget, it’s more like an accessory to a gadget. These are gloves that allow you to effectively use a touch screen outside in the cold. No more fumbling with your phone trying to text with your mittens, or freezing your hands off at a Bills game. Also, they’re made in the USA, so you know they’re good. What’s better than being patriotic and able to text in the cold? Nothing, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise Only $18.99 at Amazon.

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    Wireless Key Finder

    Everyone loses their keys, it’s just human nature. This gadget is great for saving you the hassle of rummaging through your couch cushions or desk drawer in an attempt to find your keys. Simply press a button on the receiver, and the key-attached device will beep helping you find your once lost keys. At $49.95, the price is a bit steep, but is certainly cheaper than paying the locksmith three times a year.

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    Crosley Record Player/Converter

    This is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen this year, perfect for the music buff in your life. This record player not only plays your classic vinyl albums, it also allows you to to convert the albums to a digital format on your computer via USB. Clean out your cabinet full of vinyls, and put your favorite classics on your iPod or a CD instead. This gadget is compact enough to take anywhere, so you can even bring it to work and enjoy your favorite records there, too. At $149.95, it’s not cheap, but is likely worth the price.