Considering gas has now gone up to about $3.75 per. gallon, depending on where you are, I will do anything to save  even a penny on gas and or make it last as long as possible.  So here are 3 amazing tips from a professional that works at Kinder Morgan Pipe Lines in San Jose, California.

Tip #1: Pump your gas early in the morning-
Apparently temperature changes the thickness of the gasoline.  Shouldn't that have been common sense... Yet I always buy mine at night time. WOW, new trend starts tomorrow.

Tip #2: When pumping gas, do not squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to the fastest mode-
This means that on those freezing Buffalo days, get a pair of gloves and hand and feet warmers and hold the trigger to the lowest of the three settings.  Apparently when you set it on the fastest mode and go sit in the car you add vapors to your gas, and that tends to cause you to go through it quicker.

Tip #3: Never let your tank get below half full-
Something I never knew... Gas evaporates much faster than you think. So obviously the more gas you have in your tank the slower it evaporates because the less air you have in your tank.

These tips seem like common sense, yet I am 25 and have never thought twice about any of it.  Thanks to Kinder Morgan Pipe Lines for feeling the need to share these techniques and save the nations gas supplies! Or something like that...