Old Man Winter has made his triumphant return to Western New York, which also means that Flurrious! is back for a second year. This is a great event for everyone, seriously, everyone.

I was out there last year and there were people of all ages having  a great time in the snow. This isn't just a celebration of Buffalo or a celebration of winter, this is a celebration of Buffalo in the winter, not many other cities would be out playing summer sports in the snow.

This year's Flurrious! will feature a snow golf tournament, a fun run and snow biking. There will also be snow tennis, kickball and softball as well as cross country skiing and skating (be sure to bring your own skates).



Plus, there will also be one of the most popular events from last year Quidditch. Hopefully you know what Quidditch is, because honestly, I don't have a clue.

I watched a few games for nearly an hour last year and here is what i picked up:

1. It's a Harry Potter thing, or Twilight. (I'm not really sure, but I think Harry Potter.)

2. It's played in the snow. (It's Flurrious!, everything is played in the snow)

3. You throw a ball.

4. You ride a broom like a horsey.

5. With a few beers in me, I'll watch any sport. Any.


To thaw out your little toes, there will be a heated tent with live music by local bands as well as food and drinks, including a 'Stews and Brews' Sampler (yes, please).

Bundle up the family and come out to Delaware Park tomorrow for this great FREE event and celebrate all that Buffalo has to offer in the winter!

Check out their Facebook page for up to date info and schedules