I consider myself to be at least averagely intelligent; however, I'm able to understand politics just about as well as I can speak German (I only know how to say “sabberst du oder hast du spass machen?” which I think means “Can we go snorkeling?” or “Do you have rabies?”).

Trying to understand politics – and I mean REALLY understand, not just read the articles from your favorite sources that only reinforce your personal beliefs – is practically impossible. I’m talking about listening to each side and trying to fact-check each individual story you hear because as most of us know, the Internet tends to make up whatever the heck it wants.

Sometimes it’s just easier to think about other things. Maybe we don't totally understand those things either, but they're at least less complicated than comprehending the intricate details of Obamacare or Romney’s latest skin tone. So with the election today and all, try relaxing your brain with this list of things that are still challenging but DEFINITELY easier to understand than politics.

  1. Chopsticks
  2. Side-huggers
  3. Gluten-free
  4. “Morning people”
  5. The series finale of The Sopranos (JK -- WTF??)
  6. The TV show Lost (JK -- AGAIN, WTF??)
  7. Folding fitted sheets
  8. Tying your shoes
  9. Whistling
  10. Ugly carrots
  11. People with tiny hands
  12. Why you never run out of salt but always run out of pepper
  13. The calorie content in Ramen noodles
  14. Dryer sheets
  15. Baby sloths
  16. Brushing your teeth
  17. The Kardashians(?)
  18. That old-people smell
  19. Dark chocolate
  20. Christopher Columbus
  21. Slinkies
  22. Elevator farts
  23. Hair plugs
  24. People who “take the stairs”
  25. Kittens