My apologies to those of you who play the stock exchange. When we use the term WAG, it is not the stock symbol for Walgreen's. Although, you might say that these hockey players have some pretty hot commodities. The term refers to Wives And Girlfriends of celebrities. Ever since Wayne Gretzky began dating Janet Jones, it seems that Hockey players do pretty well in the WAG department. Yesterday's big revelation that Ryan Miller had proposed to his girlfriend, actress and model Noureen DeWulf, got us wondering what other Hockey players were WAGging the dog (Sorry, that's the only oddly sexual euphismism we could think of). So here's 25 All Star Hockey WAGS from the Bleacher Report!

Top 25 All Star Hockey Wags

NHL WAGs are some of the most attractive in all of sports, and I'm here to give you 25 of the hottest past and present WAGs