About a decade ago, MTV stopped playing music videos in favor of more reality-based programming. So why do they still present the video music awards? It's a question we seem to ask ourselves every year after the VMAs, especially when the quality of the performances are on the decline.

This year featured Lady Gaga dressed as a man, Nicki Manaj as a space woman, and Katy Perry with a "yellow cube that appeared to be embedded in her head." That was only the outfits, and it's probably enough to make you glad you didn't watch the VMAs or angry that you did. As far as performances go, Kayne West and Jay-Z performed their likely lip-synced song Otis, Lil' Wayne performed a few songs ( we're not sure which ones because most of the lyrics were bleep out or distorted by auto-tune), Beyonce ripped open her shirt to announce she was pregnant, and Chris Brown danced a little bit on stage. Those are pretty much the highlights of the night's event. Seriously, we're not even trying to be brief here. Nothing really noteworthy happened in three hours.

It's just that the programming MTV airs now is full of unoriginal artists who are overdramatic, and lacking in true talent. And just like your ex-wife, they leave you out on the curb with no cab money thinking you've wasted your time.

Check out Lady Gaga's performance of her/his song "You and I"

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