In early June, we were eagerly anticipating the day when department stores would begin displaying their back-to-school sales (Christmas will be here soon, too!). But unfortunately, the time to actually go back to school has officially arrived, and we're much less excited about it than we were about the premature sales.

Whether it’s college, high school, middle school or night school, going back to school sucks for a variety of reasons. Just to name a few: alarm clocks, studying, cafeteria food, less free time and that bee-yotch Caroline.

But something to keep in mind when you start feeling depressed is that things could be worse. Check out this list of things that suck more than going back to school, keep your chin up and remember that next summer is just a short, uh, 10 months away.

  1. Repeating 11th grade three times.
  2. Forgetting your coffee at home.
  3. That awkward distance of not knowing if you should hold the door for someone.
  4. Dairy Queen doesn’t deliver.
  5. When someone says “What’s up?” and you say "Good” in return.
  6. Your laptop is dying, and the charger is all the way upstairs.
  7. Child-proof pill containers.
  8. Being a creepy synchronized swimmer.
  9. E-mails from Bath & Body Works.
  10. Facebook messages you can’t un-follow.
  11. Ugly babies.
  12. Kristen Stewart.
  13. Listening to voicemails.
  14. Automated customer service.
  15. Un-jamming a copy machine.
  16. “Convenience fees” for online purchases.
  17. Mouth-washing for too long.
  18. Quicktime Player wanting to update again.
  19. Chips get stuck in vending machine. You are out of quarters.
  20. Dying.