We all remember being a kid hearing and seeing things that we thought then to be Facts.

Now that we are older and some of us are wiser.. we realize that we were children then and knew nothing.

I am speaking from my own perspective here and would love to know what you thought was true when you were a kid.

1.) Twist Tops

As a child I thought everything had a twist off top no matter what it was. This ended when I was a child as I tried to twist off the top of a Pizza Sauce can that my mom opened when we were making homemade pizza and ended up with stiches in my thumb.

2.) Train Tracks were Electric -

I know now that this isn't true... but when I was a child I used to think that if you stepped on the train tracks you would get electrocuted. To this day I still avoid stepping on them even though I know it wont hurt me.

3.) The Sun and The Moon Followed you -

NASA JPL, Twitter

While driving we all notice that no matter what, the sun and the moon would always travel with you. Knowing about astronomy and how the planets work helped clearing up that confusion.

4.) Pinching Your Cheeks Together -

I'll never forget the time I was in church with my Mom and I had to go #2. Mom said "pinch your cheeks together" I put my hand on my face pinched my cheeks and said "Mom it's not working" she laughed. I continued trying to do this when I had to go #2 and didn't learn until later the hilarity of my mishap.

5.) Monsters Under the Bed -

We all know now there are no monsters under ours bed's... except for Fred Savage in Little Monsters. This doesn't take away how terrifying this is to a child. I used to think that if you were in your bed when the lights went out that you were safe. I used to use a hockey stick to turn off my lights at night, even when I had a Captains Bed (a bed with no underneath)

6.) Swearing is Illegal -

Getty Images

No joke, I used to think swearing was illegal so much so that i even called the cops on my brother one time for telling me to "Shut Up" which i also though was swearing.

7.) Swallowing Gum Stays in Your Stomach for 7 years -

Julie @ Frugally Retro, Flickr

If our calculations are correct then we just passed Gum from 2009. We all know this one isn't true now, but I believed it as I am sure some of you did. Truthfully it does take a little longer but only about a week, not 7 years.

8.) Mousse was to eat not for your hair -


The first time I saw a can of hair mousse I thought it was edible because the only mousse I had ever had before was Chocolate Mousse... needless to say I was wrong and found out the nasty way.

9.) The Vacuum Cleaner could suck you up

Getty Images

I know why dogs are so afraid of those things... they are terrifying! Loud, obnoxious and would suck you up if you got to close. Of course when I realized this wasn't the case... that is when I would just use the attachments and suck my lips into it.

10.) Sabres announcers know EVERYTHING! (from The Dean)

Before the mesh lining around hockey rinks the puck would randomly go into the stands  announcers would say "there is a souvenir for one of our Cheektowaga fans" Dean asked his Dad "how does he know who it went to?" Dad replies "He's the announcer he knows all the season ticket holders by name" So Dean thought that was the truth. Later in life... we think like last week or so he found out the truth that the announcers were just putting on a really good show for the crowd.

Let us know what outlandish things you thought were true when you were a child in the comments below. We know there has to be sime more people out there that are as naïve as we are.