Darn it! I missed out on Talk Like A Pirate Day, which took place on September 19 and has been happening for the past 10 years. Yeah, 10 years -- don't you feel like you're out of the loop?

Don't worry I've got you covered with a list of some odd national holidays. This way you'll know how you need to celebrate, like hugging random strangers on January 21 and telling them (before they beat you up) that it's National Hugging Day!

January 9: National Static Electricity Day

Share the holiday by "shocking" your loved ones into helping you celebrate. I suggest a pair of wool socks rubbed across a carpet, then gently give your friends and family that loving static electric touch.

February 7: Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

Wait, I have to wave them all? How about just one?

March 4: International Ask A Question Day

Say what?!

April 23: Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Thou gleeking fool-born scut! (I just insulted you in the Shakespearean way!)

July 2: I Forgot Day

Finally, a day to celebrate excuses for our brains not working properly.

July 14: National Nude Day

Everyone's a pervert, and it's okay to be on this day!

October 13: International Skeptics Day

I'm not even sure any of these "national holidays" even exist.

November 11: Origami Day

I will finally learn how to create this paper wizardry.

November 19: National Toilet Day

High-five that porcelain god and thank it for dealing with all your poop.

December 30: Bacon Day

I think this holiday is celebrated  every day in most American homes!