It could be agrued that "Eddie," the monster that graces the cover of every Iron Maiden album, is as big a part of the iconic metal band as its members. Eddie and the artwork of Iron Maiden have made the band legendary in metal circles and angered lots of moms and advocacy groups along the way. The Maiden England tour stops by Darien Lake tonight, and the show is getting rave reviews. Eddie is a big part of the stage show, as his imagery is constantly dropped behind the band during the show. Last night, the band tore it up in  Toronto, and based on the set list, tonight's Darien Lake show should be one for the ages for metal fans. I can't wait to see what surprises Iron Maiden has concocted for us with Eddie.

During the '80s, I would draw each of these album covers on my school folders or book covers and try to recreate the Iron Maiden logo any place I could put it. I think my highly religous mother wanted me ex-communicated from the Catholic Church because the Parents Music Resource Center told her that listening to this music would make me want to kill myself, or somebody else. Luckily, I turned out OK and learned a little about killer branding along the way. Above are some of my favorite covers.