Feeling Festive yet? How about now? Now??? Seems like other Buffalo Radio Stations have been shoving Christmas Music down your throat before you even finished your Halloween candy. Not here at Jack FM. We decided we wouldn't play Christmas Music until we were good and ready, and guess what we're ready. Sometimes Christmas Music kinda sucks but here's some that don't and you can hear them on Jack FM thru Christmas Day next to the Foreigner records.

David Bowie and Bing Crosby-Little Drummer Boy

Bing Crosby passed the crooner torch to Bowie on Bing's final Christmas special in 1977 in what can only be called a very odd Christmas pairing that somehow worked. Luckily when Bing opened the door, Bowie wasn't wearing a dress. That might have screwed up the whole thing. Might we also suggest seeing the remake done by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly that is eeriely good.

Queen-Thank God It's Christmas

Up until Queen released their greatest hits, you couldn't find this one on an album. Released in 1984 during the height of the video music era, Queen decided not to do one (like any good rock band, you wouldn't want to appear to have sold out). Luckily for us, Youtube fans made their own and the song is classic Queen. So enjoy.

Barenaked Ladies -God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

As early as 1993 the goofy Barenaked Ladies were performing wacky Christmas Medley's at record store appearances in Toronto. That's when they were cool, and weren't making regular appearances on the Disney Channel. On Jack FM you can hear a version of this song with Sarah McLachlan, which wasn't an easy song to find until the band released "Barenaked for the Holidays" in 2004. 

Bryan Adams-Christmas Time

Bryan Adams once performed this song for the Pope. When it was released it was only on 45'.  Good luck finding it on vinyl now.  Like many of the great Christmas songs, Adams didn't shoot a video either. He did however shoot a video for the B side track "Reggae Christmas" with Pee Wee Herman. Go figure. So enjoy this version of the song from Scandanavian Rocker Julen Inn while eating a Lutefisk. If you want to hear the original, listen to Jack FM. 

Billy Squire-Christmas is a Time to Say I Love You

Before Billy Squire ruined his career with the "Rock Me Tonite" video, he was a mainstay on MTV, and in this video he is joined by MTV VJ's Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn and J.J. Jackson for a Lip-synch along. 

Waitresses-Christmas Wrapping

Another Christmas song that everybody knows, but nobody knows who does it. The new wave band Waitresses scored a hit with "I Know What Boys Like", but will probably be better known for this song thanks to it's use in several hollywood movies including Four Christmas', and as of last week on the hit TV show Glee. Since the Waitresses never got around to making a video for this song, we found a cute girl in glasses lip-synching to it (Cute girls are always good fill-ins for content at Jack FM).

Kinks-Father Christmas

Credit the Kinks as one of the first rock bands to embrace the Christmas spirit with original holiday music. Actually, they didn't quite embrace it. It's actually quite twisted, as a gang of boys beat up a storefront Santa Claus and take his money. Oh, that Ray Davies. It always made me think of the greed and selfishness of some people at Christmas Time.

Pretenders-2000 Miles

Sure "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is largely considered the Pretenders best Christmas song. But 2000 Miles was a much better song. Not only was it a band original, but you wouldn't even know it was Christmas Song unless you paid attention to the lyrics. But alas, it's a song about the journey of the three kings Larry, Curly and Moe to see the baby Jesus. Love this video from Top of the Pops which is classic 80's Television. Think of it as England's Version of Solid Gold

Eagles-Please Come Home for Christmas

Too bad they don't make those 45's anymore. I still remember the cover of this Christmas classic (which again was only released as a single on 45) with "Funky New Year" as the B side. Luckily for us the disco b-side didn't survive as long as this Christmas classic. The 45' featured the Eagles gathered around a pool with the hot california sun beating down on them and came out shortly after the success of Hotel California.

John Lennon-Happy Xmas (War is Over)

While grossly overplayed, John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" is the mother of all Christmas songs. Even Yoko's warbling couldn't ruin this one. I just thought it was a child singing off-key. The video is very sad, pointing out all the atrocities in the world, but that was kinda the point. Still wish she hadn't broken up the Beatles though.