Today (Tuesday, July 31), Snoop Dogg held a press conference in New York City to announce that he has changed his name to Snoop Lion after visiting Jamaica in January and feeling that he was "born again." The reincarnated rapper will also be releasing a reggae album this fall.

So we thought it'd be a lot of fun to come up with a list of top 10 alternative animals that would have been a better choice for him:

1. Goblin Shark - Snoop Goblin

This is quite possibly the most gnarly shark ever. I mean, just look at it attack that thing it's attacking. We all know hip-hop artists have an affinity for sharks anyway and Snoop Goblin would give Snoop an opportunity to explore his more sinister side.

2. Aye-Aye - Snoop Aye Aye

While at first this animal sounds like a better fit for the artist Nelly, it's completely insane expressions make it a clear winner for anyone willing to ditch a name that's been branded for the better part of three decades.

3. Armadillo - Snoop Adillo

Just sounds cool.

4. Bat - Snoop Bat

There's GOING to be another Batman movie, now is the time to start writing yourself into it Snoop.

5. Komodo Dragon - Snoop Dragon

Like Snoop, the Komodo Dragon is one of the rarest creatures on Earth and known for it's considerable laid-backness.

6. Dogfish - Snoop Dogfish

Why completely change your name anyway? Choosing the Dogfish would allow the former dee oh double gee to add to his "animals in a last name" count.

7. Beluga Whale - Snoop Beluga

Let's be honest, Snoop is pretty adorable. So are Beluga whales.

8. Man o' War - Snoop o' War

Any chance you have to add "o' War" to your name is a chance you should really grab on to.

9. Roach - Snoop Roach

Not only are roaches some of natures most resilient creatures but a "roach" is also what those who enjoy Snoop's favorite pastime call a...well you know.

10. Liger - Snoop Liger


Contributed by Brandon Kilijanski